Stephen L. Crohn Gallery Exhibit: Angela Gaffney-Smith

 November 2017 – December 2017

“Unspoken Conversation”

A Five Year Progression

“Mother and child images, which have been a part of my work for over thirty years, became my focus after our youngest child left home. I felt a deep sense of loss which I turned into drawings from memories. One linocut led to another and some of those linocut prints became part of collages and mixed media monotype pieces on paper and wood. The creation of these works eased the sadness in me.

My latest work uses simplified figurative shapes to convey “unspoken conversation”. A connection – between a mother and child, a man and bird, or even one individual with themselves may be seen or felt in a glance, a touch, or gesture.

The recent figurative silhouettes combine pieces of hardware such as pipe straps, cabinet knobs, and hardware. Each figure is made up of odd parts which come together to form a unique individual just as we are made of the energy of families, nature, and experiences.”

Gaffney-Smith has been the recipient of numerous awards for excellence in printmaking. Her work is included in public and private collections and can be seen at Emerge Gallery and Smith Hardware in Saugerties.





Gallery News


 In this photo, Saugerties artist Brian Lynch is seen installing a mural [5 x 21 feet] made specifically for our ground floor hallway between the Children’s Section and the Saugerties Public Library Art Gallery.  It was created in connection with his show:  Images from Everyday Life.  The mural is collaged from various Lynch works. You can see many scenes and people depicted in Lynch’s unique style—a style that generates empathy for the human condition.  This unique work is the first site-specific work done for the Library.

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