Stephen L. Crohn Gallery Exhibit: Fred DiVito

 November 2018 – December 2018

ARTIST RECEPTION: Saturday, November 10, at 3pm

Does remembering the past help mold our future and who we become?

“Living in a time when life was a blend of determination and commitment, a time when the “WE” was more important than the “I, is the genre of this exhibition.” Art has the ability to connect across generations using nostalgia… remembering the past to navigate the future. Art transports the viewer by creating mood and telling a story, a form of non-verbal poetry.

These urban landscapes weave tales from a bygone era that touch and shape lives. This dialogue unifies the disconnection of generations and depicts the importance of daily life, the human condition and determination of ordinary people.

By using the language of emotion, these visual landscapes blend our backgrounds and unique experiences to make this art personal.







Gallery News


 In this photo, Saugerties artist Brian Lynch is seen installing a mural [5 x 21 feet] made specifically for our ground floor hallway between the Children’s Section and the Saugerties Public Library Art Gallery.  It was created in connection with his show:  Images from Everyday Life.  The mural is collaged from various Lynch works. You can see many scenes and people depicted in Lynch’s unique style—a style that generates empathy for the human condition.  This unique work is the first site-specific work done for the Library.

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