We’re living in a time when women are becoming more noticeable and notable in
politics, in the workplace, and in relationships. Where do you stand in your
communities? Do you sometimes feel you are not heard? Do you lack confidence and
are afraid to speak up? Do you say YES when you mean NO? Are you having trouble
setting boundaries? Are you angry all the time?
Assertive communication is about expressing yourself effectively and standing up for
your point of view, while also respecting the rights and beliefs of others. Taking charge
of your emotions and expressing yourself honestly and directly will help you value
yourself and earn respect.
Learn when to be assertive, how to be assertive and why you need to use assertiveness
skills. Through the use of discussion, role-play, and practice you can build your
confidence and self- esteem.
You must be present for the first session.
Arzi McKeown MS/MA
As a psychotherapist and dance therapist, Arzi has utilized the healing force of the
creative arts to bring about physical and emotional change. She has led workshops that
explore the challenges, issues and creativity of the aging process, the relationship
between mothers and daughters, meditation, assertive communication, and negotiating
the separation process with dignity.